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ToolBook Agent Assembly Platform Sample

The software contains a ToolBook Agent Assembly Platform, which contains an Agent Animation Test Bench, and a Speech-Input Test Bench. You fill in boxes, and select from combo box lists, and click on an assemble code button to generate OpenScript code, which can then be copied for use in your ToolBook projects.

The Speech-Input test bench allows you to create assemble the OpenScript code in the three handlers necessary to use Speech-Input.

Speech-Input Test Bench

The Agent Animation Test Bench not only allows you to create basic animation sequences for one agent character, but allows you to add additional elements, such as speech tags (including those necessary to make the character "sing"), two-character animation sequences, turning on and off the text balloon, inserting bookmarks (for coordinating MS Agent and ToolBook events), and showing the Advanced Character Options Window. After you assemble and test your script, you can save it as a text file to include in the scripts of your ToolBook project.

Agent Animation Test Bench