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Book Outline


Section I: Tasks

Chapter 1: Using MS Agent with Toolbook

Chapter 2: Loading Agent Characters

Chapter 3: Creating Animation Sequences

Chapter 4: Altering How an Agent Character Speaks

Chapter 5: Moving an Agent Character

Chapter 6: Having an Agent Character Gesture

Chapter 7: Timing Toolbook Events to the Performance of an Agent Character

Chapter 8: Moving Two Agent Characters

Chapter 9: Making Two Agent Characters Gesture

Chapter 10: Stopping/Interrupting Animation Sequences

Chapter 11: Using Default Agent Character

Chapter 12: Using Speech Recognition

Chapter 13: Using the Text Balloon

Section II: Keywords

Agent Character Object

Agent Character Methods

Agent Character Properties

Agent Control Object

Agent Control Methods

Agent Control Events

Request Object

Balloon Object

Balloon Properties

Audio Output Object

Audio Output Properties

Speech Input Object

Speech Input Properties

Commands Object

Voice Commands Methods

Voice Commands Properties

Individual Voice Command Properties

Voice Commands Window Object

Voice Commands Window Properties

Advanced Character Options Window Object

Advanced Character Options Window

Appendix A: Agent Character Animations