Version 1.5 - February 1, 2000



Before you index your books, you may want to preconfigure them with the following settings dialog. Feel free to leave this dialog open while you navigate throughout your book, clicking DONE only when you have made all of the needed configurations. All changes you make to this configuration dialog are applied immediately. Clicking DONE does not apply them, it simply dismisses the dialog.

Specific information on each of these settings, can be displayed directly within the Configuration interface. Simply click the button in the upper right corner of the configuration screen.

This dialog is available from the Search|Configure Settings menu that appears in Author Mode after you have added the FTSPRO.SBK as a bound system book. Click here to learn how to bind this system book.

You are permitted to make all configuration adjustments through the configurations dialog, however all of these can also be adjusted via OpenScript as outlined below.

Normally when a search is performed, the resulting list that appears is simply a list of page names. If you do not wish to have the actual name of your page displayed, and would rather have something more meaningful displayed, you can override this with the
fts_PageName property. You can set this property for each page you want to override. The value must be a single line of text.

If there are extra words that you would like to index on a certain page, you will need to set the
fts_ExtraText property of the page. This is used when you want specific words to trigger a match on a page that may be lacking certain words. For example, "feline" and "tiger" may not appear on a page, but you may want those words to trigger a match for a page describing kittens.

Lastly you can may want certain individual objects to be ignored during the indexing process. To do this you simply set the
fts_SkipMe property of any object to True. You can set this for Backgrounds, Pages, or any object. If you set this for a Group, all objects in the group are skipped too. In this configuration interface it is simple to set this property for an object. While the configuration interface is showing, simply select the object and you will be able to check or uncheck the checkbox that controls the fts_SkipMe setting.

To provide backwards compatibility support for books that you may have previously indexed with the Asymetrix FTS product, the following properties are supported:

This is equivalent to fts_PageName

This is equivalent to fts_SkipMe

This is equivalent to fts_SkipMe

This is equivalent to fts_ExtraText