Version 1.5 - February 1, 2000



To create an index, you have to run the program FTSPRO.TBK. This is a stand-alone program used to index all of your books. There are numerous tabs and built-in help to guide you through preparing to index.

If you have any questions about any of the settings in this interface, click on the button in the upper right corner of each TAB.

When all your settings have been made, press the Start Indexing button. While the indexing process is proceeding, you are free to watch the progress or continue on with other work. You can also speed up the indexing by minimizing the interface, so that the screen does not have to update itself. While minimized, the progress is still shown but will appear on the Task Bar.

When the indexing is finished, you are prompted to save the file. It does not matter what you name the file, however I suggest saving it with a name that is meaningful to you. The file will be saved with a .FTS extension.