Adding or Editing Content Areas




Use the Toolbar or the Phrases menu to add or edit content areas.


The editor is shown below. Content Areas are the portions of the Content Editor for which Phrases can be shown by right-clicking. For example, the Feedback content area means that its associated phrases will be displayed when the user right-clicks on the Correct Feedback, Incorrect Feedback, and "Partially Correct" Feedback fields.


To associate which phrases go with a selected content area, either double-click on the content area or click the Phrases button. This will bring up the Associate Phrases with Content Areas screen. You can add, edit, or delete phrases using the Phrases Editor.


Most users will not change the content areas, though you could delete some if you never want Phrases to show up for that content area.


Content Areas and Phrases are stored in the Phrase database. Closing this screen will automatically save the database.