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Slide Show Soundtrack™ is an application that makes it esy to create a self-running slide show with photos and, optionally, music. On an iPhone or iPad, you select one or more photo albums from your device or from iCloud. For Windows or the Mac, you select directories containing photos. If you have multiple albums/directories, the program will alternate photos between each group. For example, if you are hosting a graduation party for three people, each one can put his or her photos in a separate album. Slide Show Soundtrack will then alternate between photos of each person. On the iPhone or iPad, music comes from a selected iTunes playlist. On Windows or a Mac, you put all the music files (.mp3 or .m4a) into a music directory. You can also choose whether to randomize the music, randomize the photos, repeat music and photos when all have been used, show a status message of each photo, set the delay between each photo, and the caption of the show. You can pause the show, start it again, skip to the next photo, and go forward and backward within the music playlist. The iPhone and iPad version includes advertisements whcih can be removed for a one-time in-app purchse of $2.99. The Windows and Mac versions are $2.99 up-front and do not include advertisements.

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  • I just purchased the above product and it looks like it will do exactly what I want. This is for use in a museum on a new touchscreen PC using Windows 8.1. I made the slideshow and it plays perfectly.
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