The ToolBook® Companion

Solutions, Techniques, Expert Information, and OpenScript® Tips

If you use ToolBook to create training, this book is for you. With 450+ pages of articles and explanations, there is something here for every level of ToolBook developer.

The first section, Training Solutions , contains articles on various aspects of using ToolBook to create training. These range from case studies to specific examples on when and how to use 3D animations in training. Learn about incorporating media into ToolBook as well as one approach to creating a tracking system in ToolBook.

ToolBook Techniques, the book's second section, gets into more ToolBook-specific content. Creating Let-Me-Try simulations, OpenScript techniques, Installation approaches are all covered here.

Expert Information includes over 200 important pieces of information on ToolBook. Whether discussing undocumented features, unexpected approaches, or critical solutions to common problems, you'll find valuable information here.

Finally, OpenScript Tips include OpenScript examples with running commentary. You'll find approaches here that are unique and very helpful, even if you are going to export to the web.

For a detailed listing of articles, please see the book's Table of Contents.

Text from the back cover:

We've been using ToolBook since 1993 and still consider it to be the best product around for computer and web based training. This book contains a unique collection of articles about using ToolBook for training, technical explorations on programming and advanced ToolBook techniques, a large compilation of Expert Information topics, and an array of documented OpenScript Tips to help you harness the power of ToolBook's scripting language.

Training Solutions addresses needs that may arise when developing training with ToolBook. The collected articles in this section cover case studies, creating study guides, 3-D animation, student tracking, incorporating media into ToolBook, and more.

ToolBook Techniques gets “under the hood” to help you become a power developer. It includes articles on using OpenScript to save time and improve interactivity. We go behind the scenes of Platte Canyon's popular Learning & Mastering ToolBook... series to learn how to use the Agent ActiveX control, simulate software applications, and more. We extend the boundaries of catalog objects by introducing “Extended Page Templates.” Finally, the section includes a very popular tutorial on using InstallShield® Professional for ToolBook installations.

Expert Information includes over 200 explanations, helpful hints, and programming nuggets to expand your horizons as a ToolBook developer. In addition to topics from the authors, there are important contributions by Tim Barham and Denny Dedmore of SumTotal Systems as well as other leading developers.

OpenScript Tips presents a full collection of tips and tricks on using OpenScript in ToolBook. With actual script on the left of the page and corresponding descriptions on the right, this section offers a rare glimpse into the mind of the ToolBook programmer.

About the Authors:

Jeff Rhodes and Chris Bell owned Platte Canyon Multimedia Software corporation (at the time of this book), the leading third-party ToolBook product company in the world. To help fulfill their motto of Improving the Lives of Training Developers™, they hosted The ToolBook User's Conference as well as created and sold such popular products as Tracker.Net™, the Plug-In Pro™, TBK Tracker™, and Exam Engine™.

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User Comments

  • I have also read the first 100pgs of the ToolBook Companion. It has been very interesting and insightful. My only suggestion is to leave a little extra room on the printed pages so I can keep more notes =)
  • There are hundreds of nice and tiny solutions as well as very helpful techniques.
  • Today I found it helpful when I was asked how to detect audio and play it only if it's available. We had a little info in our Knowledge Base but not like the helpful info I found in your book.
  • The book is simply excellent, reflecting both your professional dedication to your art and love for what you do.
  • I'll second that, it's invaluable!
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